Why I am Bishea impaired

When I was born not many people know this but I am actually cited to begin which I was never Bishea impaired I was never born blind and visually impaired now but that was not always the way for me and you know some people say that they would kill themselves if there are Bishea impaired in my opinion you need to wake up I’m Bishea impaired I have to wake up at the reality that I’m gonna be blind for the rest of my life and there’s nothing I can do about it  all I can do is move forward that’s all I can do and know one or nothing is gonna change that I am who I am and anyone who wants to change my life for their own benefit well you’re badly mistaken because I am here to change my life for me not for anyone else and that should be the main point of being visually impaired aired


Interview with Amanda Gene Nelson part two

I would love to be a freelance writer one day and travel the world.  I want to be able to live in my own apartment or tiny house independently I am not travelling.

As a visually impaired person what techniques have you learned over the years to help you get around challenges and barriers.

Use my white  Cane,  ask for help when needed   And have a positive attitude.

11.  What can you read as a visual impaired person?

I can read large print and small print for a short time period.   I read mainly by using my digital talking book player.

12.  I seen a video where on your channel you did an ice-bucket challenge and my question is what made you decide to do the ice-bucket challenge in the first place?

Oh, that’s on my personal YouTube channel,   One of my friends, could not do the ice bucket challenge   Due to an illness,   So I went ahead and did the challenge.

13.  What is a good quality about you Amanda?

I work hard.   I do not give up on my dreams and goals.

14.  If you had your own car what would it be like?

I would love a black or blue Mustang.

15.  If you could change the world today or tomorrow what would you change?

The fact that people do not have a enough money.    I will I’ll people to have a living wage around the world

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Interview with Amanda Gene Nelson

I want to talk about this.

so my good friend Amanda and myself did an interview together.

she is a great person.

So let’s get this show on the road period


1. Who is Jessica and how is she related to you in your daily life as a person?


Jessica, is my best friend.  We met in college.  She is an amazing friend.


2. Which do you prefer a cane or a guide dog and if so how is it important to you?


Right now, I use a long white cane because I have an eye condition called Night Blindness.  I was diagnosed with the condition in 2012.  I can’t see in low light or the dark or when its sunny outside and the cane keeps me safe from running into things and getting hurt.


3. How did you become visually impaired to begin with?


I was born 28 weeks gestation which means I was born 12 weeks early.  I had a lot of oxygen in the NICU. I have an eye condition called Nystagmus where my eyes shake,  Night blindness where I cannot see very well in low light and the dark.  I have like sensitivity when it bright where its either  inside or outside.


4. If you had a choice would you be sighted again or remain visually impaired?


Since I do not know any different I would want to remain visually impaired.  With that being said, sometimes I wish I had more sight than what I do have.


5. What type of vision loss do you have?


I have been visually impaired since birth.  I have  Nystagmus, like sensitivity and night blindness.


6. Do you have any happy experiences as a visually impaired person?


The day I got my cane and I started getting Orientation and Mobility lessons was the day that I started getting my self-confidence back.


7. If you had sight for a day what would you see for that day and for that day only?


I would want to go to the beach, and see the sunrise and sunset.


8. As a visually impaired person what is your opinion of sighted people in the world?


They are lucky to drive and to not have as many struggles vision wise like we do.  I feel that they sometimes have an advantage of achieving their dreams with less effort.


9. As a person in life what are your dreams?